Replace Missing Pieces

Don't fret if you lose a piece to your My Growing Season product.  Replacement pieces are available for current products and some discontinued products.

How much do replacement pieces cost?

Replacement pieces are typically $1.50 each if mailed within the United States.

However, we want you to love your product and keep it in order for your little one, so as a customer service we typically replace the first 3 pieces for free* if mailed within the U.S. Use promo code 3FREE when checking out to receive the first 3 pieces for free. 

*NOTE: Some larger pieces may cost more than $1.50 to replace and may not be eligible for the 3FREE code.

For all pieces shipped outside the U.S., international mailing is billed at postage cost.

Select which product you need replacement piece(s) for.
If the product is not listed below, please click here.

Bible Missing Pieces

My Bible Quiet Book

LDS Missing Pieces

My Church of Jesus Christ Quiet Book

Book of Mormon Missing Pieces

My Book of Mormon Quiet Book

My Quiet Book Missing Pieces

My Quiet Book Missing Pieces